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A fresh approach to cleaning and maintenance of tensile structure.

To keep your canopy in tip top shape, cleaning and maintenance is vital. if you would like your tensile structure to remain in the same quality as at installation, thereby extending its lifetime, we recommends regular checks of your structure, examining for any cleaning or maintenance issues in accordance with the operations and maintenance manual that we will issue you with at installation completion we have service at Tensile Structure maintenance all over india also. Maintenance and cleaning frequency depends on a number of different factors,such as the canopy form,its location relative to dirt/debris sources (like trees for exterior canopies and air conditioning ducts for interior canopies) and the amount of other air borne dirt. As a general guideline we recommend that the canopy should be cleaned and maintenance checks conducted annually. Again, this frequency will be suggested in the Operations and Maintenance manual (O & M manual).

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Cleaning Procedure

Our work process is very simple Inspections, Suggestion, Upgradation , Cleaning and Repair

Free Inspection

We provide photographs and report any pre-existing visible defects, tears, or holes in the fabric structure found during the inspection.


Our cleaning services have been recommended by the country’s leading manufacturers. We use only manufacturer’s approved products.


We only clean by hand using high quality special made sponges and soft brushes. We do not use pressure washers, ever to clean structure.

Repair & Safe

We have a best service stander and resources in all over India to Repair fabric structure and maintained our high qualified engineer!

Tensile Structure Services

Regular maintenance of fabric structures and canopies helps to retain quality.

Fabric Inspection

Regular inspection of fabric structure and canopies helps to retain appearance and maximize expected useful life—as well ensuring stability and safety .

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We provide maintenance of tensile structures and also offer rope access solutions to a range of other maintenance and installation requirements.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintenance & Inspection of Tensioned Fabric & Tensile Fabric Structures, we provide complete maintenance and cleaning service of all type tensile products.

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Rope Access Solutions

Rope access solutions to a range of other maintenance and installation requirements. These include: Banner installation, Building wraps installation, window cleaning.

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Our Clients

As we have developed the core of our business, our major objective was to surround ourselves with quality, disciplined people.

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